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welcome to Cardinal Comfort Care

Discovering compassionate in-home care is a journey.

The challenges range from navigating a revolving door of caregivers to those who might overlook the genuine needs of your loved one. Quality and consistency are rare, but they are essential.

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Why Ownership Makes The Difference

Caregivers are involved in all aspects, allowing them to create a unique model of healthcare 

Shift Your Investment

Worker-owned home care invests more of your home care dollars to support and train caregivers.


Benefit From An Engaged Caregiver

Company ownership allows caregivers to work in a supportive team where quality and training are high priorities.


Experience An Empowered Employee

Worker-owned home care listens to the experience and insights of those who deliver your care.

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Our heart is full of compassion for your care

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We care with compassion

Don’t just take our word for it – discover the heartfelt testimonies of those we serve.

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Love to serve you, with compassionate care

We could not have been more fortunate in having them to help us take care of my mom. For the work that they do, and for the people that they are, they have our highest regard. Susie became a trusted friend as well as a trusted nurse.”

Amy Church
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