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Pioneering Home Health

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At Cardinal Comfort Care Cooperative, located in the heart of Two Harbors, MN, we’re proud to be the state’s first homecare cooperative. Founded with a vision to transform the home health industry, we place caregivers at the forefront of our operations, ensuring they are not just employees but integral stakeholders. This unique structure allows us to focus intensely on the quality of care and the well-being of both our clients and caregivers.

Our cooperative model means that caregivers have a vested interest in the success of each care relationship. This leads to higher satisfaction levels, consistent care, and a personalized approach to health services. By investing in our caregivers’ development and well-being, we ensure that our clients receive compassionate and professional in-home care tailored to their specific needs.


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Learn More About Our Cooperative Approach

Welcome to Cardinal Comfort Care, where every step in homecare is handled with exceptional care and genuine understanding. Our cooperative model ensures that caregivers are deeply invested in providing the best possible service.

Skilled Nursing

Click to discover how our skilled nursing services can cater to your health needs.


Learn more about our homemakers who make daily life easier and more comfortable.

In-Home Services

Explore our in-home services designed to meet your unique care requirements.

Waivered Support Services

Find out how our waivered support services provide tailored solutions for complex needs.


Check how our transport services ensure you can travel safely for health appointments and more.

Respite Care

Discover the benefits of our respite care services for caregivers needing a break.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Browse through our FAQs below and feel free to reach out on our Contact Page for any further inquiries.
What makes a cooperative model different from other home care services?
In our cooperative model, caregivers are co-owners of the agency. This structure fosters a deeper commitment to providing quality care because our caregivers are directly involved in decision-making and benefit from the success of the service.
What types of services does Cardinal Comfort Care offer?
Cardinal Comfort Care offers a wide range of in-home services including skilled nursing, homemakers, transport, waivered support services, and respite care. Each service is designed to meet diverse needs, ensuring all aspects of care are covered.
How can I become a part-owner of Cardinal Comfort Care Cooperative?
Becoming a part-owner at Cardinal Comfort Care is an opportunity open to our employees. It involves a commitment to our values and mission, along with a small financial investment, which is reinvested into training and supporting our caregiver owners.

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